Mower speedThere is a temptation to assume that mowers with a higher top ground speed will finish first. However, for many mowing tasks, the total time depends more on the amount of post-mow trimming required, the time taken to manoeuvre around obstructions, and the desired quality of the cut. While some zero-turn, and many mid-mount mowers have a higher top speed than the Walker, the Walker regularly finishes first by having a greater average speed during all mowing tasks.

Mid-mount mowers may be faster in a straight line, but need to turn more slowly than a zero-turn Walker to avoid tipping over or causing turf damage. Mid-mount mowers often sacrifice quality for speed, meaning they are forced to operate at the same speed or slower than a Walker to match the quality of cut.

Post-mow trimming is where the Walker really shines. Its extreme manoeuvrability means that a minimum of secondary line trimming or push mowing is required. A mid-mount mower simply can’t match the precision mowing of a Walker.

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