Tips when buying a Zero turn Mower

Often, buyers are tempted to base their purchasing decision on factors that are not fundamentally sound: empty features like maximum ground speed, excessive horsepower, or lowest price (often at the cost of quality, capability or performance).
At Walker, we feel the public deserves to make an informed choice, and with more than 20 years of engineering history and mower design at our backs, we offer the following advice:

  • Before buying any commercial ride on or garden mower, have a thorough demonstration performed on site at your property, or property you maintain.
  • Compare the actual mowing time and cutting quality of all the machines you are considering.
  • Remember that a lever-steered machines’ steering levers must be held forward for driving. To avoid operator fatigue, look for machines offering Forward speed Control (“Cruise Control”) type features.
  • Test the mowers handling, braking, and overall safety on any hills or sloping terrain.
  • Compare the operators’ field of view of the mowers cutting area
    — you can’t accurately mow where you can’t see.
  • Try trimming precisely with the mower — within 1/4 to 1/2 inch along a delicate area.
  • Lift the mowing deck. If it’s too heavy, imagine what it will do to the grass as it mows.
  • Check ease of access to the underside of the mowing deck, and to all moving parts.
  • Does your dealer offer a "No Downtime" guarantee?

Many of the Walker's features discussed in this site need to be demonstrated.
Ask your Walker dealer for a demonstration today

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