Anatomy of a Mower

Anatomy of a MowerThese rugged mid-size machines are built for the rigours of daily commercial operation and designed to mow virtually any property — places with rolling contours, irregular shapes, tight corners and open spaces.

Walker Mowers are not just assembled. They're engineered. Every detail has been proven in the field. Every design element has been tested and refined. As a result, each mower is highly reliable, tuned to perfection and manufactured to give top mowing performance to the owner.
The secret to getting the job done quickly and easily is a manoeuvrable machine with easy-to-operate controls. Walker's patented combination of Forward Speed Control and steering levers mean only gentle fingertip pressure is needed to put the machine through its paces. No other mower operates this easily. Forward/reverse, zero radius turns and braking are accomplished by lightly pulling the steering levers, while Forward Speed Control adjusts and holds forward speed, functioning as a "cruise control." The operator relaxes since it isn't necessary to hold the steering levers forward when cruising. Steering wheels, gear shifts and foot pedals are all eliminated, for nearly effortless handling.

Mower Gear Drive

Sealed Gear Drive Axle

Walker custom designed and developed a sealed, gear drive axle for the mower. This simple, rugged axle with machine cut gears, precision ball bearings and cast iron axle and hub, brings industrial strength and unquestioned reliability
— a Walker hallmark — to our dual hydrostatic mowers. The hydrostatic transmission bolts directly to the gear case, providing a completely sealed, maintenance free drive unit. Reliability of the hydro-axle unit is backed by a three year warranty.

Dual Hydro Axle

Hydro-axle Units

Two hydro-axle units, one for each main wheel, are mounted “nested” in the chassis, providing independent wheel drive, and make the machine especially compact. Walker's clean, simple axle design eliminates the maintenance of chain drives, the bulkiness of transaxles and the complexity of hydraulic wheel motors found on other dual hydrostatic mowers.

Tilt Up for Service

Tilt Up Mower Quick, easy access to the machines’ working parts for service is integral to the Walker design. Clam-shell or tilt-up bodies quickly expose the engine and drive-train, and tilt-up mower decks make blade maintenance and deck cleaning easy.

Top View of the Mower Deck

Interchangeable Mower Decks

Interchangeable mower decks and attachments are quickly and easily mounted and removed using a two-pin hitch system and a sliding drive shaft connection.

Greater than the sum of its parts

Walker engineering have combined all the features a commercial operator or large home owner could ask for in a ride on mower:

  • Enhanced operator comfort, with large contour molded seat, "natural" control placement and full view of the mowing area.

  • Compact overall size permits mowing and trimming in tight areas, eliminating extra trimming.

  • Quick and agile manoeuvring with intuitive dual hydrostatic steering.

  • Front mounted mowing deck allows unobstructed trimming and good operator view, and for a smooth cut, the tractor units’ wheels roll on grass after cutting.

  • Mower deck "floats" and follows ground contours with flexible deck suspension and spring counter-weighting.

  • Low centre of gravity assures balanced and safe operation, even on slopes.

  • A range of interchangeable mower decks adapts to a wide variety of mowing situations; 36" to 74" with dedicated grass collection, side discharge or mulching operation available.

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