The Walker Mower

Mowing by Design

Walker’s compact size and manoeuvrability allow efficient mowing and trimming of small to medium landscaped areas — places where other rider mowers simply won't fit, and walk-behind mowers or trimmers would otherwise be required. Find out more here.

Anatomy of a Mower

These rugged mid-size machines are built for the rigours of daily commercial operation and designed to mow virtually any property — places with rolling contours, irregular shapes, tight corners and open spaces.

Walker Mowers are not just assembled. They're engineered. Every detail has been proven in the field. Every design element has been tested and refined. Discover the anatomy of a Walker mower.

Buying Tips

Often, buyers are tempted to base their purchasing decision on factors that are not fundamentally sound: empty features like maximum ground speed, excessive horsepower, or lowest price (often at the cost of quality, capability or performance). We think there are a few things you need to know before signing on the bottom line

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