Model MH37i

Walker MH37iPowered by a 993cc big block Vanguard EFI engine, the H37i is a powerful and efficient machine for the professional user. Its engine, with high capacity air cooling system, big 5 inch diameter Donaldson air cleaner, Grammer suspension seat, and fully articulating decks means the H37i can mow complex properties easier, in harsh conditions, longer. And with the optional Model H Power Tilt-Up deck, maintenance and storage are even easier.


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  • 37-HP, Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block engine, air-cooled
  • High capacity air cooling system for increased engine life
  • Dual, independent Hydro-Gear® ZT3400 transaxles
  • Deep deck design delivers Walker’s trademark precision cut
  • Tilt-up style body completely exposes drive train
  • Splined PTO drive shaft with quick-disconnect coupler
  • Contoured seat with armrests and full adjustable suspension
  • Foot operated deck height adjustment
  • Dual fuel tanks (35.6 L total) with easy-to-use fuel selector valve
  • 16 kph ground speed
  • 4-way adjustable Grammer suspension seat
  • Side discharge (SD) & Mulching deck options
  • Each wheel independently driven (Hydrostatic)
  • Additional air filter system
  • Full pressure with filter
  • Speed 0–16 kph (infinitely variable)
  • Parking brake
  • Zero Turning Radius (ZTR)
  • Forward Speed Control

 Primary Decks

52' Side Discharge DS52

52" (132cm)
Rear Discharge 

60' Side Discharge DS60

60" (152cm)
Side Discharge 


52" (132cm)
Mulching Kit[1][2] 


60" (152cm)
Mulching Kit[2] 

 Optional Decks[1]
Walker Mower Combo Deck
36" Mowing Deck (92cm)
SD/ML Combo 
Walker Mower Combo Deck
42" Mowing Deck (107 cm)
SD/ML Combo  
Walker Mower Combo Deck
 48" Mowing Deck (122 cm)
SD/ML Combo  
42' Side Discharge Deck DS42b
42" Side Discharge Deck (107 cm)
Side discharge only[1] 
 52' Belt Drive Side Discharge Deck DS52
52" Belt Drive Deck (133cm)
Side discharge
56' Gearbox Drive DS56
56" Gearbox Drive (92cm)
Side discharge only[1] 
62' Belt drive Side Collection Deck  DS62
62" Belt drive Deck (158cm)
Side discharge only[1] 
74' Belt Drive Deck DS74
74" Belt Drive Deck (188cm)
Side discharge only[1] 
[1] Deck arm adapter kit (P/N 2430-10) required.
[2] Mulching Kits require and mount to an existing side discharge deck.
Spring Tine Dethatcher:
Width: 101 cm, fits all decks from 92 – 122 cm, easily clips on deck (no tools required)

Boom Sprayer:
Spray Width: 243 cm, tank capacity: 95 ltr, includes a spray gun with a 6 meter hose (adjustable spray tip)

46" Dozer Blade: 
Features five-angle positions and a spring trip action for protection when hard objects are encountered. It has a high-strength, replaceable steel edge, and as with all Walker Mowers implements, mounting the Dozer Blade is a simple and quick process. 
48' Dozer Blade

48" Dozer Blade:
Features a five-angle positioning head and a spring-trip action for protection when hard objects are encountered. Blade comes standard with  replaceable UHMW polyethylene wear bar, with optional steel bar. Manual lifting mechanism does not require an implement hitch. The following adapter kits are required for utilizing the 48" Dozer Blade attachment. MB tractors (P/N 4300-16), MS, MC, MT, MD tractors (P/N 5628-10).


Rotary Broom:
Width: 120 cm, the five-position angle head. Requires Implement Hitch System.

Sealed beam lights are mounted within a shock absorbing housing.  
Curb Jumper Ramp
Curb Jumper Ramp:
Ideal for gaining access to curbed areas and also serves as a footrest.
Mechanical Deck Lift

Mechanical Deck Lift:
Raises the deck to a 'transport' position or when vacuuming thick layers of leaves (36" and 42" decks only).

Tail Weight:
38 kg, Tail weight counterbalance is required to lift front-mounted implements.  
All Terrain Tire
All Terrain Drive Tyre:
Incl. wheel spacer. Extra wide tread offers best hillside traction.
Low profile tire
Low Profile Tyre:
Incl. wheel spacer. Extra wide tyre with turf tread offers improved flotation, traction and hillside stability. 


Single Wide Back Tyre:
For cutting high in soft grass where the dual tyre track is objectionable. Does slightly increase turning resistance.


Speed-Up Kit:
Increased maximum ground speed to
10.5 kph. 



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